bug in 3.0.18: gnutls-cli fails to transfer data to gnutls-serv --echo

Alexandre Bique bique.alexandre at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 23:06:08 CEST 2012


I reported the bug first to archlinux, but I forward it here:

I have a bug with GnuTLS-3.0.18, which is that my httpd server (custom
implementation) fails to serve pages to chromium and firefox goes into
an infinite loop. But in the other hand, wget (which is linked against
openssl) succeed in getting files from my server.

There is an easy thing to do to reproduce the bug:

- start a gnutls echo server: gnutls-serv --x509keyfile=key.pem
--x509certfile=cert.pem -p 4242 --disable-client-cert --nodb --generate

- start a client, and copy a big file: cat /usr/include/*.h >test-file;
gnutls-cli --insecure -p 4242 <test-file

Then it doesn't work :^)

You can also test with an openssl client (it will fail as well): openssl
s_client -connect <test-file

I am using x86_64 architecture.

Alexandre Bique

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