1 Failed test on GNUTLS 3.0.18

Enric Caussa Morales me at enric.me
Wed Apr 4 15:00:54 CEST 2012

Good day.
I've been building 3.0.18 on Arch Linux PPC, and during `make check'
there's a failed test. GCC version is 4.6.2. Here's the bit that fails:

	test-float.c:344: assertion failed
	/bin/sh: line 5:  8887 Aborted                 EXEEXT='' srcdir='.'
	abs_aux_dir='/build/src/gnutls-3.0.18/build-aux' MAKE='make' ${dir}$tst
	FAIL: test-float
	PASS: test-fputc

What information can I add to solve this?

Enric Caussa Morales
<me at enric.me>

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