gnutls 2.12.6 and zlib 1.2.3

Roman Bogorodskiy novel at
Sat Jun 25 16:00:11 CEST 2011

  Andreas Metzler wrote:

> > But anyway, a distro may or may not provide the .pc file. zlib tests must
> > always :
> > 1) check first the .pc (if yes one fill Requires.private)
> > 2) if not, check header and lib (if yes, fill Libs.private)
> Hello,
> FWIW I disagree, we should not be required too work around a) ancient
> library versions, or b) distributors who cannot make up their mind
> about shipping pkg-config files (zlib no, gnutls yes). However, patch
> attached.

Andreas, sometimes it's not about distributors deciding shipping
pkg-config files for some packages and not shipping for other.

For example, FreeBSD has zlib in a base system, in other words it's not
an installable package and there's no pkg-config files for software in
the base system.

Roman Bogorodskiy

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