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Chris Leonard cjl at
Thu Jun 23 09:08:36 CEST 2011

There seems to have been a breakdown in updating the POT files
available for localization (L10n).

This page:
Shows that the latest available version fo the POT is:

This page:
Shows that the latest available version of the POT is:

There is no reference for where L10n is supposed to happen on the main page:

>From the NEWS file, there is mention of new i18n/L10n since 2.5.7, but
it is not clear where this is happening.

* Version 2.7.7 (released 2009-04-20)
** i18n: The GnuTLS gettext domain is now 'libgnutls' instead of 'gnutls'.
It is currently only used by the core library.  This will enable a new
domain 'gnutls' for translations of the command line tools.

* Version 2.8.6 (released 2010-03-15)
** i18n: Updated Czech, Dutch, French, Polish, Swedish and Vietnamese
** translations.  Added Simplified Chinese translation.

* Version 2.9.8 (released 2009-11-05)
** i18n: Vietnamese translation updated.
Thanks to Clytie Siddall.

* Version 2.11.4 (released 2010-10-15)
** i18n: Update translations.

Please update the Translation Project . If the Translation Project is
no longer in use, please mark it as deprecated and provide links for
where L10n gets done.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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