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Mon Oct 11 19:09:22 CEST 2010

On Mon, 11 Oct 2010 12:50, nisse at said:

> What's the origin of libgcrypt's serpent implementation? The Serpent
> code in Nettle is based on the original GPLed implementation by the

IIRC, Moritz took the S-boxes from the reference implementation and
rewrote the other code:

/* These are the S-Boxes of Serpent.  They are copied from Serpents
   reference implementation (the optimized one, contained in
   `floppy2') and are therefore:

     Copyright (C) 1998 Ross Anderson, Eli Biham, Lars Knudsen.

  To quote the Serpent homepage

  "Serpent is now completely in the public domain, and we impose no
   restrictions on its use.  This was announced on the 21st August at
   the First AES Candidate Conference. The optimised implementations
   in the submission package are now under the GNU PUBLIC LICENSE
   (GPL), although some comments in the code still say otherwise. You
   are welcome to use Serpent for any application."  */

Might not be the best optimized code, though.



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