GnuTLS versions 2.9.7 and later breaks libsoup (epiphany)

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos nmav at
Wed Jun 9 20:11:36 CEST 2010

Andreas Metzler wrote:

>> Hi,
>>  The problem seems to be the support for TLS 1.2. It seems that epiphany
>> sets a priority string of "NORMAL:!VERS-TLS1.1:!VERS-TLS1.0". Thus the
>> allowed versions are now TLS 1.2 and SSL 3.0. The servers do not support
>> TLS 1.2 thus falling back to TLS 1.0 which is not supported.
> Shouldn't GnuTLS fall back to the supported protocol (SSL 3.0) in that
> case instead of getting stuck?

It cannot. The server decides the fallback.

>> A quick fix
>> would be to add !VERS-TLS1.2 to epiphany (I have no idea where it is).
> The respective code seems to be in libsoup
> libsoup2.4-2.30.1/libsoup/soup-gnutls.c
> and the explaining comment points to 
> as reason. Apparently
> epiphany experienced breakage with SSL 3.0 only servers
> (
> While changing the respective initialisation from
> gnutls_priority_set_direct (session, "NORMAL:!VERS-TLS1.1:!VERS-TLS1.0", NULL)
> to
> gnutls_priority_set_direct (session, "NORMAL", NULL)

Then the solution should be:


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