GnuTLS 2.7.10 - release candidate 2 of GnuTLS 2.8.0

Daniel Black dragonheart at
Mon May 18 04:45:53 CEST 2009


>Looking through the original 106542 bug report, I'm unsure what the real
>problem was.

was more building on embedded machines without a g++ compiler.

>Detecting g++ but never using it does not hurt anything
>(except a tiny performance price), as far as I understand.  Daniel, can
>you test tomorrow's daily snapshot and see if it works for you?


well it configures ok unless I don't have g++ installed which I do admit is an edge case.

>seems clear now that we cannot run AC_PROG_CXX conditionally,

Did you see this patch? is seems to account for the 
"configure: error: conditional "am__fastdepCXX" was never defined.:"
error by defining it.

>so if this
>patch does not work for you we need to solve your problem in some other
>We'll need another release candidate, I'll prepare it tomorrow.


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