Minor patch for the Texinfo manual

lfinsto at gwdg.de lfinsto at gwdg.de
Fri Dec 4 12:55:17 CET 2009

"Simon Josefsson" <simon at josefsson.org> wrote:
> I forget, did you already fill out the copyright assignment?

I filled out the email form and sent it to assign at gnu.org, but I haven't
heard anything yet.  My experience is that it takes a week or two for the
papers to get to Germany by post.  If I don't hear anything soon, I'll
write to the copyright clerk again.

> What's the
> status of it?  If this is in process, I'll add you to the project on
> savannah if you send me your savannah username -- but please don't
> commit anything on any existing branch until the paperwork has been
> completed.

My Savannah user name is lfinsto1.  I won't commit anything on an existing
branch until you say it's okay and the paperwork is done.

>> Something I miss in the manual is `@deftypefn' entries and a "Data
>> Types"
>> index.  I could make a start on writing them as I run across types that
>> I
>> need to understand, if this would be of use to you.
> That would be great too.  Note that some of the manual is auto-generated
> from the source code, so you may need to modify some script.

Okay, I'll have to look at how you do this.

I was saving these up so I don't send you too many tiny bug reports, but
as long as I'm writing:

The `char' arrays for DNs in a couple of functions from your sample
programs were too short for the DNs in my certificates, so nothing was

In `print_x509_certificate_info':


  char dn[128];


  char dn[256];

Same in `verify_cert2':

 char name[64];

changed to

  char name[256];


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