Minor patch for the Texinfo manual

Simon Josefsson simon at josefsson.org
Fri Dec 4 11:55:36 CET 2009

lfinsto at gwdg.de writes:

> Hello Simon,
> Since I only have read access to the git repository I'm sending you this
> minor patch to `gnutls.texi' (see below).

Applied, thank you!

> Though the manual is excellent, it contains quite a few grammatical
> errors, as you probably know. In particular, there are many errors with
> respect to the congruence of subject and verb in sentences.  As a native
> speaker of English, it wouldn't be hard for me to correct them as I run
> across them in the manual.  If you like, I'll be glad to do this.

Yes this is very much appreciated, neither Nikos or me are native
English speakers so there is likely many errors in it.

> The easiest way would be to correct the Texinfo sources in a branch in
> the the git repository, so you could check them before merging them,
> assuming the copyright paperwork goes through.

I forget, did you already fill out the copyright assignment?  What's the
status of it?  If this is in process, I'll add you to the project on
savannah if you send me your savannah username -- but please don't
commit anything on any existing branch until the paperwork has been

> Something I miss in the manual is `@deftypefn' entries and a "Data Types"
> index.  I could make a start on writing them as I run across types that I
> need to understand, if this would be of use to you.

That would be great too.  Note that some of the manual is auto-generated
from the source code, so you may need to modify some script.


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