lib/opencdk/read-packet.c: read_s2k() implementation

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos nmav at
Fri Jun 27 21:05:54 CEST 2008

Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> On Fri 2008-06-27 06:21:12 -0400, Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos wrote:
>>  In a few days I'll merge with the new opencdk code in the
>> development branch (changes almost all code), thus I'd appreciate if
>> you could port your patch there.
> It's not clear to me what branch you're specifically talking about.  I
> see no branches named anything like "new opencdk" or "development" --
> do you mean "gnutls_with_ext_mpi" ?

Yes this is the branch and sorry for any inconvenience this might have
caused to you. I'm working on this branch but due to my very limited
free time I couldn't safely merge with the rest of the code. I plan to
do it this weekend.

> In my message on the "2.6.x goals" thread [0], i asked if me doing
> work on these would be likely to collide with anyone else's work, and
> got no response from you. 

Probably I missed this email. Sorry again for any inconvenience.

> If the branch you're referring to *is* gnutls_with_ext_mpi, then it's
> not clear to me how to port this properly.  CDK_PKT_SYMKEY_ENC is the
> packet type whose parser contained the code i ended up moving into
> read_s2k.  But CDK_PKT_SYMKEY_ENC appears to have been removed from
> opencdk.h on the gnutls_with_ext_mpi branch, despite being clearly
> defined in the standard [1].  Any reason this was removed?  It seems
> like a useful packet type for OpenCDK to be able to handle.

Could be. I only kept the ones that are used for gnutls because I wanted
to avoid having the symmetric encryption. It seems we now with your
patch need it. Please feel free to reintroduce it.

> I'm attaching an (untested) patch against the gnutls_with_ext_mpi
> branch, which at least fleshes out the read_s2k function.

Does it work without any additions to this branch?

> Any advice or pointers to better documentation would be welcome!

I just run
autoreconf -fvi
and make


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