[gnutls-dev] Where to get OpenCDK 0.6.5

Andreas Metzler ametzler at downhill.at.eu.org
Sun Oct 28 09:09:19 CET 2007

On 2007-10-27 Simon Josefsson <simon at josefsson.org> wrote:
> Btw, I've just prepared GnuTLS 2.1.4 which changes the ABI version from
> 25 (which is what I got by following libtool's logic) to 14 (which is
> the next after the old ABI version, 13).  Does anyone see a problem of
> using 14 rather than 25?


I am not sure. The versioning change looks like this:
num     c       r       a
2.0.1   21      4       8
2.1.5   14      0       0

According to libtool's manual this means that 2.0.1 supports
interfaces 13, 14, 15, ..., 21 and that 2.1.5 only supports interface
14. This does not reflect the actual interface. However AFAICT it is
going to work perfectly on Linux, since libtool cannot express this
correctly just in a soname.

I have no idea whether it might break on other archs. If it did,
libtool would be perfectly right in telling you to keep both pieces.
cu and- Wondering whether libtool's mapping from version to soname is
        simply broken -reas
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