[gnutls-dev] Guile problems in 1.7.12

Simon Josefsson simon at josefsson.org
Tue Jun 12 08:24:37 CEST 2007

ludo at chbouib.org (Ludovic Courtès) writes:

> Hi,
> Simon Josefsson <simon at josefsson.org> writes:
>> It may not have been the immediate cause of making it work, but at least
>> it seems to work now.  And using _LIBADD instead of _LDFLAGS appears to
>> be more correct anyway.
> Right, but it actually breaks the RPATH ordering here:
>   $ objdump -p .libs/libguile-gnutls{,-extra}-v-0.so | grep PATH
>     RPATH       /usr/local/lib:/home/ludo/src/gnutls/lib/.libs
>     RPATH       /usr/local/lib:/home/ludo/src/gnutls/lib/.libs:/home/ludo/src/gnutls/libextra/.libs:/home/ludo/src/gnutls/guile/src/.libs
> Does it behave similarly on your machine?


jas at mocca:~/src/gnutls$ objdump -p guile/src/.libs/libguile-gnutls-*.so|grep PATH
  RPATH       /home/jas/src/gnutls/lib/.libs:/home/jas/src/gnutls/libextra/.libs:/home/jas/src/gnutls/guile/src/.libs:/usr/local/lib
  RPATH       /home/jas/src/gnutls/lib/.libs:/usr/local/lib
jas at mocca:~/src/gnutls$

Did you do a clean build?

> I don't think the relative order of `_LDFLAGS' and `_LIBADD' is
> documented in Libtool, so I think we'd better avoid mixing them.  Using
> only `_LDFLAGS' is valid and allows us to really get control over the
> order of libraries on the linker's command-line and in RPATH.

Still, libtool manual recommends to use LIBADD for library dependencies,
so if that doesn't work, we should report it as a bug.

Btw, which libtool version are you using?  I think libtool is the one
tool that doesn't have version-checks in configure.in.


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