[gnutls-dev] Re: Question about DTLS

Simon Josefsson jas at extundo.com
Sun May 21 17:45:42 CEST 2006

"authesserre samuel" <sauthess at gmail.com> writes:

> hi,
> I would like to know if DTLS extension is always in program development.
> I read a post dated of the May 7, 2005 which speaks about the
> implementation of DTSL but I haven't seen others....

Hi.  As far as I'm aware, nobody is actively working on DTLS for
GnuTLS.  It is a large project, and may involve changing critical
parts of GnuTLS, so it will have to be done on the next experimental
branch 1.5, or possibly as a completely separate project external to
gnutls (i.e., gnudtls).

> If development is in progress I propose my help.
> I work on Ethereal project about SSL/TLS and DTLS so I have realize a
> DTLS dissector based on OpenSSL project but It contains errors (I will
> correct those which I would find and post in openssl dev mail list
> because at this time my dissector contains the same errors to work ;)
> ) and I want to be able to test interoperability ....
> It's why I offer my help (the others reasons it's I want to use DTLS
> and rfc 4347 has been released ;) )

Thank you!  If you want to start working on it, just go ahead.  If you
need help doing it, and can sponsor it financially, or know someone
who might, I'd be interested in doing the work.


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