implementation details

Tarun Upadhyay tarunupadhyay at
Fri Feb 25 06:11:49 CET 2000

> 1. We have the RECORD protocol 
as nikos and werner pointed out, we have
implementation of most things. I think we should
concentrate on MUST things for now (3DES). RC2 and
compression could wait to be added later.

> 2. The difficult part seems to be the HANDSHAKE
> protocol. 
This is not as difficult as it looks. most of things
are available in libgrcrypt. PKCS and ASN.1 are, as
werner pointed out, is available in openPGP (even
otherwise they are not very difficult to implement).
My company is doing a SET implementation for India
which also uses PKCS and ASN.1 for formatting and

with warm regards
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