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Tue Apr 11 00:51:05 CEST 2023

Ahmed Zaki created a merge request: https://gitlab.com/gnutls/libtasn1/-/merge_requests/89

Project:Branches: zaki_ahmed/libtasn1:master to gnutls/libtasn1:master
Author:   Ahmed Zaki

This PR includes three new test cases


These test cases are extracted from gnutls, p11kit and swtpm respectively. 

The test cases are automatically extracted from those projects. 

Prior to adding those test cases coverage in /lib was as follows using 'make check':

  lines......: 87.6% (2903 of 3313 lines)
  functions..: 95.0% (96 of 101 functions)
  branches...: 71.3% (2108 of 2955 branches)

After adding these test cases coverage is increased as follows:

  lines......: 88.0% (2914 of 3313 lines)
  functions..: 96.0% (97 of 101 functions)
  branches...: 71.7% (2120 of 2955 branches)

 * [X] Test suite updated with functionality tests

## Reviewer's checklist:
 * [ ] There is a test suite reasonably covering new functionality or modifications
 * [ ] Function naming, parameters, return values, types, etc., are consistent with other code
 * [ ] This feature/change has adequate documentation added
 * [ ] No obvious mistakes in the code

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