[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | p11tool fails to find certs with AWS KMS token (#1340)

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Fri Mar 18 02:55:17 CET 2022

Benjamin Herrenschmidt created an issue: https://gitlab.com/gnutls/gnutls/-/issues/1340

Hi !

I am a contributor to this "soft" token which talks to AWS KMS: https://github.com/JackOfMostTrades/aws-kms-pkcs11

A given slot with this token has just two objects: A private key and a certificate.

Retrieving the certificate fails with p11tool consistently. The error seem to be a disconnect between those two functions in gnutls lib/pkcs11.c:

* find_privkeys()

It properly finds the private key and reaches the following code:

	current = 0;
	while (pkcs11_find_objects
	       (sinfo->module, sinfo->pks, &ctx, 1, &count) == CKR_OK
	       && count == 1) {

		a[0].type = CKA_ID;
		a[0].value = certid_tmp;
		a[0].value_len = sizeof(certid_tmp);


		if (pkcs11_get_attribute_value
		    (sinfo->module, sinfo->pks, ctx, a, 1) == CKR_OK) {
			ret = _gnutls_buffer_append_data(&list->key_ids[current],
			if (ret < 0)
				return gnutls_assert_val(ret);

		if (current > list->key_ids_size)


	list->key_ids_size = current - 1;

There is only one iteration of the loop since there's only one object of type CKO_PRIVATE_KEY
in the token. The retrieval of the attribute works fine, so we exist the loop with:

current = 1

We thus return from the function with
list->key_ids_size = 0

Now, this is called from this code in find_multi_objs_cb() (note: this is the only caller)

	memset(&plist, 0, sizeof(plist));

	if (find_data->flags & GNUTLS_PKCS11_OBJ_FLAG_WITH_PRIVKEY) {
		ret = find_privkeys(sinfo, tinfo, &plist);
		if (ret < 0) {
			return ret;

		if (plist.key_ids_size == 0) {

As you can see, it will hit the case where plist.key_ids_size is 0 and fail. There seem
to be a disconnect as to whether key_ids_size is 0 or 1 based between the caller and the

Now I'm happy to send a pull request with a fix provided somebody can confirm that my analysis
is correct. I can see two main approach to fix this:

 - Remove the "-1" when setting key_ids_size in find_privKeys(). This is IMHO the most
   obvious fix and provides the clearest semantic

 - Remvoe the second test in the caller

Recommendations ? Did I get something very wrong ? :-)

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