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Fri Dec 23 11:23:12 CET 2022

civodul started a new discussion on doc/gnutls-guile.texi: https://gitlab.com/gnutls/guile/-/merge_requests/5#note_1219875435

>  This is it!
> + at node Using GnuTLS as a cryptography library
> + at section Using GnuTLS as a cryptography library
> +
> +The library provides support for @dfn{Hash Message Authentication
> +Code} (@emph{hmac}). This API provides a way to hash a message in a
> +way that is only reproducible with the knowledge of a secret.
> +
> + at c WARNING!!! These examples are taken from the hmac.scm test. They
> + at c are then re-indented. If you wish to change these, please change
> + at c them also in the hmac.scm test.
> +

How about moving the examples in a separate file?

That way, the Texinfo file could `@include` them, and the Scheme file could `(include ...)` them.

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