[gnutls-devel] Guile-GnuTLS | Draft: Add the HMAC functions (!5)

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Fri Dec 23 11:20:15 CET 2022

civodul started a new discussion on guile/src/core.c: https://gitlab.com/gnutls/guile/-/merge_requests/5#note_1219872476

>    weak_refs = scm_make_weak_key_hash_table (scm_from_int (42));
>    weak_refs = scm_permanent_object (weak_refs);
> +  scm_add_feature ("gnutls-hmac-key-size");
>  }

Instead of using `scm_add_feature` and `NOT_PROVIDED`, how about placing the whole `scm_gnutls_hmac_key_size` definition in `#ifdef HAVE_GNUTLS_HMAC_GET_KEY_SIZE`?

That way user code could check `(defined? 'hmac-key-size)` and it would immediately fail, and possibly get an unbound-variable warning at build time, if it uses the missing procedure.

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