[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | Add support for CNT_IMIT TLS 1.2 GOST cipher suite (!920)

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Sat Nov 9 01:17:37 CET 2019

Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov pushed new commits to merge request !920


* 03fe7c08...3d4928e4 - 9 commits from branch `master`

* 562405fa - Support GOST certificate request values
* 2a750e46 - Add GOST cipher suites
* 6ea9e392 - Add GOST values to cipher suites priorities
* e6851a57 - tests: add tests for KX-GOST-VKO using different key variants
* a5c355a6 - tests: added testcases for ciphersuite/KX negotiation with VKO-GOST
* 20aa47eb - cli-debug: include GOST VKO into KX list
* 22a65b65 - priority: add GROUP-GOST-ALL keyword
* 2e35ea9b - ext/signature: use GOST signatures for GOST ciphersiuites
* f59519f3 - gnutls-cli-debug: add GOST_CNT-related KX/cipher/MAC tests
* 98d43eb7 - tls13-server-kx-neg: add test for GOST-enabled server and client
* 93c3bd10 - lib: fix group selection in case of GOST cipher suites
* ff92848f - SignatureAlgorithms: force-enable GOST signatures for GOST KX
* 29613f07 - tls12-server-kx-neg: add tests without GOST signature algorithms

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