[gnutls-devel] OpenSSL Library Call Redirection, OpenPGP, DANE

Coyo coyo at darkdna.net
Sun Jan 25 01:27:43 CET 2015

On 1/24/2015 4:07 PM, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
> No.
> OpenSSL and GnuTLS are completely different APIs. They work in
> completely different manner, in countless different ways. You can't just
> substitute one library for another.
> I've written client code that uses both OpenSSL and GnuTLS. What you
> describe is theoretically possible, of course. But someone would have to
> write a lot of code to implement a translation layer between OpenSSL and
> GnuTLS. I hazily remember hearing about some light translation layer
> somewhere, that reimplements a very tiny subset of the OpenSSL API using
> GnuTLS, but code had to be explicitly recompiled against it.


That really helps out a lot, you have no idea how much! You saved me an
immense amount of time and effort, thank you!

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