[gnutls-devel] Gnutls handling extension error

hammi_mohamed_tahar at hotmail.fr hammi_mohamed_tahar at hotmail.fr
Fri Jul 4 12:40:08 CEST 2014

I'm trying to create a new TLS extension  with Gnutls, so i've install 
"gnutls-3.3.4" with all their dependencies, when i make "make check" 
i've got no error and all is well. After i've followed this tutorial 
(http://gnutls.org/manual/html_node/TLS-Extension-Handling.html) to make 
the necessary modifications, but when i compile the new code with "make" 
commande after done "./configure --enable-myExtension" i got some errors 
messages, for exemple:
/gnutls_int.h:726:3: error: unknown type name 'gnutls_buffer_st'
gnutls_int.h:782:3: error: unknown type name 'gnutls_buffer_st'
myExtension.c 15:11 : error: unknown type name 'opaque'
            const opaque * data,


if someone can help me to resolve this problem, I will be very grateful.

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