[gnutls-devel] _gnutls_extension_list_check() isn't RFC 5746 compliant

Henrik Grubbström grubba at roxen.com
Mon Dec 30 19:22:29 CET 2013

On Mon, 30 Dec 2013, Henrik Grubbström wrote:

> Hi.
> The gnutls-cli-debug 3.2.8 test "Checking for SSL 3.0 support" fails against 
> servers that implement RFC 5746.

Oops, sorry, please disregard.

The problem was that my server sent the EC_POINT_FORMATS extension always 
when negotiating an ECC cipher suite, even when the client hadn't provided
the extension, and thus breaking RFC 4492 5.2:

   The Supported Point Formats Extension is included in a ServerHello
   message in response to a ClientHello message containing the Supported
   Point Formats Extension when negotiating an ECC cipher suite.

Once again Happy New Year!

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