[gnutls-devel] gnutls-3.2.3: Test failure in cert-tests, complex-cert

Thomas Witt thomas at thwitt.de
Sun Aug 18 23:08:26 CEST 2013

If you have different src and build directories, the complex-cert tests 
fails due to a bug in tests/cert-tests/pem-decoding:

tmp-pem.pem is obviously created in the builddir, so the test cannot 
find it in $srcdir

Greetings, Thomas

--- pem-decoding.orig	2013-08-18 23:06:16.812555680 +0200
+++ pem-decoding	2013-08-18 23:06:35.525554400 +0200
@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@

  cat $srcdir/complex-cert.pem |grep -v "Not After:" >tmp1
-cat $srcdir/tmp-pem.pem |grep -v "Not After:" >tmp2
+cat tmp-pem.pem |grep -v "Not After:" >tmp2
  diff --strip-trailing-cr tmp1 tmp2

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