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On 15.09.2012 13:18, Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos wrote:
> On 09/15/2012 11:11 AM, LRN wrote:
>>> I'm wondering what is Loaded_CertEnumCRLsInStore() that you
>>> use instead of CertEnumCRLsInStore()? If the mingw32 issue is 
>>> widespread I could include that patch in gnutls.
>> MinGW Win32API package does not have CertEnumCRLsInStore()
>> prototype in its headers (easily fixable by declaring the
>> prototype yourself) AND it doesn't export CertEnumCRLsInStore()
>> in its import library for crypt32. THAT is the real problem. The
>> only way to fix that is to patch mingw w32api package and rebuild
>> it. I can't tell users to recompile one of the most basic
>> packages in their system, obviously. Submitting a patch to
>> takes efforts, it will be in the queue for some unknown
>> amount of time, and then one will have to wait for the next
>> win32api release.
>> Very little fun in that.
> Indeed. Is there any reason for not using mingw64-32 instead?
No reason other than compatibility. has been around longer than mingw-w64, and most packages
that aimed at W32 targeted They are similar, but not
identical, and migrating to mingw-w64 means porting some small things
in 100 packages all over again.

Also, are the ones who made and continue to maintain MSys,
which is still the only way (other than Cygwin) to build on W32, so is the obvious toolchain to use with MSys.

And finally, mingw-w64 only recently started to supply native
toolchains. Before that mingw-w64 was always an x86 toolchain that
cross-compiled to x86_64. Cross-compilation is extra tricky, and i
prefer native toolchains (like

Also, i have some things on my hands that i'd like to resolve before
switching toolchains.

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