Simon Josefsson simon at
Wed Feb 29 09:38:51 CET 2012

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <nmav at> writes:

> Hello,
>  It seems that in your system a pkcs11 module is causing a memory leak
> which prevents the test from succeeding. A work-around would be to
> run the test by temporarily disabling all pkcs11 modules loaded by p11-kit
> by removing /etc/pkcs11/modules. In the next release I'll remove the
> memory leak check completely to avoid such issues.

It seems clear that running valgrind on all self checks is causing a lot
of problems, but there are some checks we know should never have memory
leaks and running valgrind on them would be good.

One solution is to put these checks in a separate directory, and to only
enable valgrind in that directory.

Another solution is to use a wrapper script instead of invoking valgrind
directly, and the wrapper script can have a whitelist of executables to
run under valgrind, and the rest will run without valgrind.

Can anyone think of other solutions?  The problem is that the
TESTS_ENVIRIONMENT variable affects all automake checks in a particular

I'd really like to see valgrind checking of at least some self-tests by

(FWIW, I am experiencing this problem in several other projects as well,
so a clean solution would be good..)


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