DTLS rehandshake broken

Bruce Korb bkorb at gnu.org
Sun Feb 26 21:42:24 CET 2012

On 02/26/12 11:29, Sean Buckheister wrote:
>> Could you try building using this version of autogen?
>> http://autogen.sourceforge.net/data/autogen-5.15pre15.tar.xz
>> You might need to do a "touch src/*.def" to regenerate the required files.
> I built autogen from that archive and put it first in my $PATH. It still
> does not build, but the error is different:
> autogen serv-args.def
> fserr 2: cannot map data file options:  No such file or directory

This smells a little bit of srcdir != builddir and you're in the
build directory looking for source.  Could that be?

> make[3]: [serv-args.c] Error 2 (ignored)
>    CC     libcmd_serv_la-serv-args.lo
> gcc: error: ./serv-args.c: No such file or directory

This shouldn't be too surprising, after ignoring the autogen error.

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