dtls-stress test fails on kfreebsd-am64

Andreas Metzler ametzler at downhill.at.eu.org
Sat Feb 25 18:41:51 CET 2012


dtls-stress exits with exitcode 3 on kfreebsd-am64:

(sid)ametzler at asdfasdf:~/GNUTLS/gnutls28-3.0.14/tests/dtls$ ./dtls-stress -shello 021 -sfinished 01 -cfinished 012 SKeyExchange CKeyExchange CFinished
3030 server| timer_create: Invalid argument
3030 client| timer_create: Invalid argument
3030 TT SHello(021), SFinished(01), CFinished(012) :- SKeyExchange, CKeyExchange, CFinished

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