dtls-stress final

Sean Buckheister s_buckhe at cs.uni-kl.de
Sun Feb 19 03:18:55 CET 2012


this should be the final version of dtls-stress. All features one could
wish for are included now, including batch handling for tests by their
id, tests for the full handshake sequence, adjustable timeouts, and many
more. The exit code of the main program now contains information about
the test runs (not only the log it produces), and error handling for
syscalls has been added in many places.

I have also found that the default retransmit timeout of one second
causes quite a few tests to fail with low handshake timeouts, while they
work fine with 100ms retransmit timeout. Since this tests models a very
hostile network, I have decreased the default retransmit timeout to
100ms to save time.

 -- Sean
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