[gnutls-devel] Problems compiling from git on Mac OS X

Alfredo Pironti alfredo.pironti at inria.fr
Mon Dec 10 19:44:06 CET 2012

>> - Issue (minor): when generating manages, "echo -n" is used in the
>> makefile, but -n appears not to be in the "Single Unix Specification",
>> so it display lines beginning with -n (and linefeed terminated) on Mac
>> OS X. I found some info at
>> http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20071106192548833
>> - Fix: use the printf cited in the link? Or just leave things as they
>> are, because they work after all?
> I am wondering if we replace with  echo "xxx\c" instead, would that
> cause issues in other systems? In any case the whole generation of
> manpages/documentation needs a major lifting since it is inefficient
> (I'm waiting until it is totally intolerable to touch it :)

The \c way seems to work for me, and to be somehow supported by the
various standards. But I can't tell about some other systems.

>> - Issue (major): In file ecore_time.c, lines 47, 130, 132,137:
>> references to undeclared '_ecore_time_clock_id', 'CLOCK_MONOTONIC',
>> These defines are known to be missing on Mac OS X. With the tarball,
>> (manpages and) this file don't get compiled, so compilation does not
>> fail overall. Unfortunately I don't have a fix for this.
> We use the real time clocks in few of the tests, but they should be
> disabled in systems that don't provide them. Does make check fail on
> macosx? If yes would a patch like the attached solve the issue?

Unfortunately, the patch didn't solve the issue. It seems the problem
is compilation of the ecore library, which gets compiled anyway, even
if eagain-cli is kept out for macosx. So it seems that either one can
compile the ecore library under macosx, or all tests depending on it
should be disabled. I don't know which one is easier.

make check works from the tarball, as the tests/suite directory is
ignored; it fails from the git version, with the same compilation
error as above.


> regards,
> Nikos

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