[sr #107827] Build GnuTLS 3.0.2 for windows!

Bjørn Christensen INVALID.NOREPLY at gnu.org
Tue Oct 4 10:10:36 CEST 2011

Follow-up Comment #13, sr #107827 (project gnutls):

<sys/select.h> is not available under windows, it tried with <winsock2.h>
where select in define for windows but it did not help. 

If I add <sys/select.h> I get file not found.

I can see that the old gcrypt.h had a forward declarations for select, but now
where we have moved to nettle gcrypt.h is not included any more.

I am sure that the declaration of select is in the winsock2.h

The declaration of select is cover by a:
#if ! (defined (__INSIDE_CYGWIN__) || defined (__INSIDE_MSYS__)) 

Which is not is not the case. I do not know what that means. 

I can solve the problem by in the #ifdef _WIN32 section of system.c  include
the winsock2.h and add a forward declaration for select. (stolen from

#ifdef _WIN32
#include <windows.h>

#include <winsock2.h>
ssize_t (*select) (int nfd, void *rset, void *wset, void *eset, struct timeval


That is not a nice solution but it works.

Better suggestions are appreciated


PS: --disable-cxx worked.



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