[sr #107822] Testing 3.0.2 on AIX

Bjørn Christensen INVALID.NOREPLY at gnu.org
Mon Oct 3 11:08:50 CEST 2011

Follow-up Comment #16, sr #107822 (project gnutls):

gnutls_global_init have been called.

I can decode and use certs on the platfrom through the gnutls API. (what part
of certtool needs to work?)

In the function decode_ber_digest_info, it looks to me like gnutls are trying
to decode the info as and ASN1 string but at that point info holds 20 bytes
which is the SHA1 hash. 

What is info expected to hold?

in 2.10.1 all the data send forth and back were logged, is that possible with

call stack:
	decode_ber_digest_info : gnutls_sig.o	line 780
	_pkcs1_rsa_verify_sig : gnutls_pubkey.o	
	pubkey_verify_hashed_data : gnutls_pubkey.o	
	gnutls_pubkey_verify_hash : gnutls_pubkey.o	
	verify_tls_hash : gnutls_sig.o	
	_gnutls_handshake_verify_cert_vrfy12 : gnutls_sig.o	
	_gnutls_handshake_verify_cert_vrfy : gnutls_sig.o	
	_gnutls_proc_cert_client_cert_vrfy : cert.o	
	_gnutls_recv_client_certificate_verify_message : gnutls_kx.o	
	_gnutls_handshake_server : gnutls_handshake.o	
	gnutls_handshake : gnutls_handshake.o	


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