Priority strings

Ludovic Courtès ludo at
Sun Feb 27 19:59:16 CET 2011


I updated the Guile bindings in ‘master’ to wrap
‘gnutls_priority_set_direct’ and deprecate the old method.

However, could someone help me convert the test cases to use priority

For instance, ‘anonymous-auth.scm’ uses these priorities, after a

  (define %protos  (list protocol/tls-1.0))
  (define %certs   '())
  (define %ciphers (list cipher/null cipher/arcfour cipher/aes-128-cbc
  (define %kx      (list kx/anon-dh))
  (define %macs    (list mac/sha1 mac/rmd160 mac/md5))

What would be the corresponding priority string?

Besides, while the old method was more verbose, it allowed programming
errors to be spotted more easily (in the Guile bindings, you would get a
type error if trying to use a MAC name when setting the cipher priority,
for instance.)  Could it coexist alongside priority strings?


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