support for AIX and HP-UX

Simon Josefsson simon at
Mon Feb 21 22:00:16 CET 2011

"Dr. David Kirkby" <david.kirkby at> writes:

> On 02/19/11 03:20 PM, Simon Josefsson wrote:
>> "Dr. David Kirkby"<david.kirkby at>  writes:
>>> At least in the version we use (2.2.1) there does not appear to be any
>>> configure options to disable the build of gnutls-serv and
>>> gnutls-cli. Is there in the latest?
>> Nope -- but to achieve the same thing you could replace 'make' with
>> 'make -C lib&&  make -C libextra&&  ...' or similar.
>> /Simon
> Thank you.
> Clearly a better solution would be to get this fixed properly. When I
> have some time, I'll build the latest source (or latest snapshot from
> where ???) and report if that builds or not. Perhaps we can get the
> full package to build on both AIX and HP-UX. My HP-UX system is not
> fully POSIX compliant, as the latest version which will run on my
> hardware is not POSIX.
> But my AIX 5.3 system is fully POSIX, but gnutls would not build on that either.

I looked at your build log failures and it looks like getaddrinfo and/or
sockaddr_storage related problems -- chances are that recent gnulib has
fixed those problems.

Hopefully we'll get a release candidate out real soon so you can test


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