breaking compatibility for 2.12.0

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Feb 3 15:54:25 CET 2011

On Wed,  2 Feb 2011 10:38, nmav at said:

>  It seems that with the changes occurred in 2.11.x breaking
> of backwards compatibility is required, i.e. removal of some
> functions. Those were exporting/depending on internal data, that

If you really want to break ABI compatibility, please make that clear to
the users by bumping the version number (e.g. to 3).  Only changing the
SO name is technically okay but it comes as a surprise.

Please also consider that GnuTLS is used by too many projects to allow
for an easy API break.  A better strategy is to warn the user for a few
years that those functions will eventually be removed.



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