GnuTLS recv error (-9): A TLS packet with unexpected length was received. - with Paypal Website Payment Pro

Zachary Krebs zkrebs at
Tue Feb 1 18:12:31 CET 2011

I sent this to the libcurl community and they asked me to ping gnutls
to see where the issue resides:

Thanks for considering my support request, and I hope I do not
agitate/irritate anyone by posting in the wrong place.
I looked here first:
and did not find a resolution.

I am attempting to use the Website Payment Pro Paypal module with Drupal CMS.

My system is:
Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit
libcurl3-gnutls (7.18.0-1ubuntu2.2)
libcurl 7.19.7
PHP 5.2.16 with Suhosin-Patch 0.9.7 (cli) (built: Dec 25 2010 19:12:01)
Copyright (c) 1997-2009 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.2.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2010 Zend Technologies
Drupal 6
Nginx 0.9.3

When I attempt to complete a payment, I get an error in my log:
"GnuTLS recv error (-9): A TLS packet with unexpected length was received"

I searched all over Google, and another party stated "I will say this
about the Paypal WPP service...I have been on it since it was
available and find most (if not all) of our headache problems to be
related to a dependency between some platform library and curl."

Could someone point me in the right direction of getting this solved,
perhaps I need to update a library or piece of software? was also
suggested, "The only way i managed to get rid of that error, was by
recompiling libcurl with OpenSSL instead of GnuTLS and then
recompiling python-pycurl against the new cURL library."

Can someone hold my hand through this?

Thanks for your help,

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