[sr #107495] gnutls_bye() blocks on network issues

anonymous INVALID.NOREPLY at gnu.org
Fri Oct 15 10:12:41 CEST 2010

Follow-up Comment #3, sr #107495 (project gnutls):

I'm not sure what mechanism is used in OpenLDAP (I'm the developer of
nss-pam-ldapd and I don't know too much about OpenLDAP internals). ITS#6673
has a backtrace that may be helpful though.

I suspect OpenLDAP uses a blocking socket and uses select() to do polling. As
a user of the OpenLDAP API, the socket is mostly hidden for me. As a
workaround for this problem I get the socket from OpenLDAP and use
setsockopt() to set SO_RCVTIMEO and SO_SNDTIMEO.

I don't understand why you need to negotiate a disconnect though. If the TCP
connection is severed for some reason or the other end is not responsive I
don't see the extra security in trying to negotiate a disconnect. Am I missing

Anyway, thanks for your response.



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