[sr #107538] Patch: "warning: cast to pointer from integer of different size"

Jeffrey Walton INVALID.NOREPLY at gnu.org
Fri Nov 26 02:55:24 CET 2010

Follow-up Comment #3, sr #107538 (project gnutls):

> Re pointer-from-integer: why ssize_t? Wouldn't 'unsigned long'
> be better? Otherwise I agree with this patch. 
size_t/ssize_t seemed like the most direct path to a machine's word size.

> ... because [an assert] would crash an application (instead we should
return errors)
I'll get a separate thread started on mail dev. But I agree about crash
versus failure.

> I don't think there is an error to end up in the default case.
OK. I take interest in "empty" default cases, and like to know when they are


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