Continuous builds on Hydra

Ludovic Courtès ludo at
Thu Jan 21 23:38:19 CET 2010


The Hydra build farm at TU Deflt[*] now continuously builds GnuTLS from
Git using Libtasn1 from Git and Libgcrypt from SVN:

Currently it gets built on GNU/Linux (i686 and x86_64), Darwin (i686),
and Cygwin (i686).

When everything goes well, the following web page is updated, with a
tarball, NixOS binaries (we could add Debian, etc.), the HTML and PDF
manual, and a code coverage report:

If you’re interested in it, I can set up email notification so that some
of you or a mailing list receives a notification each time the build
status changes (e.g., from SUCCEEDED to FAILED).


[*] See .  Thanks to Eelco Dolstra and Rob
    Vermaas for their help setting it up.
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