Two patches

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos nmav at
Wed Jan 13 20:56:18 CET 2010

Steve Dispensa wrote:
> Here are two more patches. The first adds support for renegotiation of
> resumption. I'd appreciate some review here; I tested this against the
> resume.c test case, and had odd results: it worked well when --verbose was
> specified, but it failed immediately when that switch was omitted. I don't
> think the problem lies in the gnutls lib code, but I thought it was
> suspicious. Any ideas?

It was problematic but uncovered some issues with resuming and
saving/restoring parameters. I have fixed it now and should work with
both resuming and normal cases.

> Also, I found a bug in my initial implementation - I was incorrectly sending
> the SCSV on all connections, not only those using SSLv3, as should have been
> the case.


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