GnuTLS error -8: A record packet with illegal version was received.

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos nmav at
Wed Dec 1 22:19:57 CET 2010

On 12/01/2010 11:38 AM, Richard Wardt van Duijvenbode wrote:
> Hi, I got this bug for you guys: -ChanServ- [#gnu] Welcome to #gnu,
> the official channel of the GNU Project. Please read and follow
> * #gnu
> : <Wardt> I got a "GnuTLS error -8: A record
> packet with illegal version was received." using FTPES. One account
> works, the other doesn't. Does anyone know what this is and what I
> can do to fix it? <jmd> Wardt, First you should report it as a bug to
> the GnuTLS maintainers since that error message is in breach of the
> Gnu coding standards. Furthermore, could you please tell me what the
> error message means and how I can fix this situation?

This is not a bug. Gnutls is complaining because the peer's packet is
not correctly formatted. Most probably you are trying to use TLS on a
server that doesn't support it.

If you know that server supports TLS, then tell us how to reproduce this


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