Missing curly braces in rsa_params::operator= (gnutlsxx.cpp)?

Simon Josefsson simon at josefsson.org
Fri Oct 23 19:00:00 CEST 2009

Jason Pettiss <jpettiss at yahoo.com> writes:

>> Yeah, that isn't the GnuTLS source code, it is the source
>> code (and binaries...) for building GnuTLS under Windows.
>> That is in CVS because it is just a Makefile and some other
>> files, and I haven't had time to migrate it.
> Sorry if this is getting off topic but are there source changes
> necessary to make that happen (and if so, how intense are they?), or
> is it really just build tweaks?

No, CVS is just used as a transport mechanism here.  One (of few)
advantage with CVS over Git is that you can have multiple repositories
in a CVS root -- to get the same with Git, I would need to create a new
savannah project for the gnutls4win files and that is really too much
overhead for a few files.

Also, the binaries stored in CVS for gnutls4win should really not be in
CVS, the savannah admins doesn't like that.  I'm not sure where to host
them, though...  I guess they could be uploaded to alpha.gnu.org though.

> Also if I need to do some work to get it rebuilt & running should I
> comment directly to you, or is there a specific "gnutls4win" mailing
> list?

It is fine to keep it on this list.


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