Help required for CSR validation

Wilankar, Trupti trupti.wilankar at
Wed Nov 25 13:14:22 CET 2009

Hi Nikos,
Thanks for the patch. CSR generated by Certtool is now accepted by VeriSign.

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Wilankar, Trupti wrote:
> Hi,
> I have used Certtool from GnuTLS Windows version 2.9.9.
> A 2048 bit private key was generated using Certtool (Command: certtool -p --outfile priv.key --bits 2048). 
> This private key was used to create CSRs, both on OpenSSL and Certtool. The DN fields (C, CN, ST, L, O, OU) used in both CSRs are also same.

Could you also try this patch? I noticed that integers in bit strings in openssl contain a leading zero. This patch makes certtool behave the same.

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