Running "make check" under valgrind

Simon Josefsson simon at
Fri Nov 6 08:37:32 CET 2009

Brad Hards <bradh at> writes:

> On Thursday 05 November 2009 23:58:18 you wrote:
>> Nope.   Which libgcrypt version are you using?
> As it turned out, it was some svn version that I had installed. However I've 
> removed that, rebuilt everything, and I can repeat that with 1.4.4 packages 
> from my distro (libgcrypt-1.4.4-6.fc11).
> I also tried a more up-to-date svn version of libgcrypt (At revision 1406.) 
> but no difference. A svn version of libgpg-error also made no difference.

Strange, I'm using libgcrypt from debian and don't see this.  Could you
try to debug it further to see if there is a genuine memory leak?

Hm, I realized I have a ~/.valgrind:


The libgcrypt.supp file in GnuTLS lists some known memory leaks in
libgcrypt.  However, your leaks doesn't look like any of them, but maybe
you could check that file to make sure.


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