Build + test problems on OpenSolaris (aka Solaris 11)

Dr. David Kirkby david.kirkby at
Mon Nov 2 13:58:53 CET 2009

Simon Josefsson wrote:
> The GnuTLS team received the bug report below, but it appears to be a
> gnulib issue.


> How about this patch?  Not tested on Solaris systems, but posted for
> review of my general idea.
> /Simon

I'll check that later.

I would add, if any developer wants access to a Solaris system, I can arrange 
that on a permanent basis.

Sun donated a Sun T5240 (16 cores) to the Sage project.

Anyone writing code used in Sage in any way, would be welcome to an account on 
that SPARC machine. Just drop me a private email with your preferred username 
and I'll set you an account up on that at the University of Washington.

This particular issue is only seen on Solaris 11 to my knowledge, despite the 
fact that the library function has not changed between Solaris 10 and 11. I will 
need to sort out the best way to get you an account on a Solaris 11 (OpenSolaris 
x86) system, but doing it will be no problem. It would take me a bit longer. (As 
a short term solution, I do not mind doing do on my own personal machine, but a 
better longer term solution would be at the university.)

BTW, if you want to install OpenSolaris on a linux box, you can use VirtualBox. 
Both VirtualBox and Solaris are free. Just run Solaris as a virtual machine.

PS, for what it is worth, this builds fine on HP C3600 workstation with a 
PA-RISC processor running HP-UX 11.11. At some point over the next few months, I 
might try it on IBM's AIX.


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