gdoc replacement (was: Re: Default record version)

Simon Josefsson simon at
Mon May 11 18:53:22 CEST 2009

Hi Martin.  I had finally time to look into this, and I believe I have
solved it in git master.  You can depend on the order things are
substituted: they seems to be done in ASCII order.  Your initial patch
seems to be the correct thing.  However, it changed the order of how the
substitutions were applied.  So rather than working around that problem
using your patch (which caused other problems) I modified your initial
regexp so that it does the same thing but is applied later.

I really prefer to stop messing with the gdoc script.  It should be
rewritten cleanly and added to gnulib.  Before doing that, it begs the
question why we don't abandon the GTK-DOC style and use the doxygen
format instead, which probably has conversion tools already.  I'm not
sure what the answer is.  I think the GTK-DOC HTML manual and
integration into the GNOME environment is a good thing.  But maybe that
can be achieved via doxygen anyway, through a conversion script?
Changing to doxygen instead of gtk-doc will require source-code changes,

What do people generally think of GTK-DOC vs Doxygen?


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