GnuTLS 2.7.8 fails to build

Simon Josefsson simon at
Sun May 3 23:33:08 CEST 2009

Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis <arfrever.fta at> writes:

> ../libextra/.libs/ undefined reference to `_gnutls_compression_algorithms'
> ../libextra/.libs/ undefined reference to `_gnutls_comp_algorithms_size'
> ../libextra/.libs/ undefined reference to `_gnutls_lzo1x_decompress_safe'
> ../libextra/.libs/ undefined reference to `_gnutls_lzo1x_1_compress'

Thanks for testing!  This only happens if you build --with-lzo.  I've
fixed it on master, it was a consequence of the new tighter symbol
export list.

But really, I think you should remove --with-lzo from your build.  LZO
compression is not standardized.  Do you need it?

Perhaps we should disable LZO more thoroughly before 2.8, there are some
distributions that build gnutls with lzo enabled by default, and I don't
think the reasons for enabling it are always well motivated.  We could
also just change --with-lzo to --with-experimental-lzo.  People building
--with-lzo will no longer get LZO.  If they investigate why, they would
end up reading the NEWS blurb where we can explain why users in general
should not enable LZO.



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