2.6.4 make error

Simon Josefsson simon at josefsson.org
Mon Mar 16 16:44:40 CET 2009

Андрей Афонинский <elcuore at gmail.com> writes:

> yes, the problem is:
> # /usr/bin/makeinfo --version
> makeinfo (GNU texinfo) 4.6
> # /usr/local/bin/makeinfo --version
> makeinfo (GNU texinfo) 4.11
> thank you
> p.s.: solved the problem by making empty Makefile in /doc

Debugging why the manual was attempted to be re-built in the first place
would be useful.  Maybe it is file system related, did you build this on
NFS?  Did you do anything beyond ./configure + make?

If you patched some source file, that may explain it -- the
documentation is automatically generated from the source code.  If the
source code is changed, the manual needs to be rebuilt.  So if you
patched some source code, you may want to restore the file timestamp on
it instead.


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