Bug in gnutls breaking Pidgin Jabber support

Tim Kosse tim.kosse at filezilla-project.org
Mon Jun 29 09:12:32 CEST 2009


> Simon Josefsson wrote:
> I can now access it.  I happened to have an account in the pidgin's BTS,
> so I replied there instead of here.

replying here since I have no account in Pidgin' trac.

FileZilla seems to suffer from this problem as well if linked against
GnuTLS 2.8.1, it's now too getting the "Bad record MAC" alert.
It happens on almost all file uploads, especially if enabling a speed
limit in FileZilla's settings.

> The reason why you see this and nobody else may be that pidgin's pull function seems to return EAGAIN quite often. That's OK but rather untypical. 

FileZilla's pull/push too return EAGAIN quite often, especially with
speed limits enabled.

I'll try building a version of GnuTLS with

Tim Kosse

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