compilation difficulties on Mac

John Ratliff webmaster at
Mon Jun 29 01:58:04 CEST 2009

For some reason, Mac cannot build the doc folder on gnutls. Because of 
this, make install will not proceed. I have been editing the Makefile to 
prevent the doc folder from being built, but I wonder if there is a 
better solution to this.

I am using the 2009-06-28 daily source release, but this problem affects 
all versions (2.8.1, 2.6.x, 2.4.2, and 2.2.5 tested). It manifests on 
both Tiger and Leopard.

My configure line

./configure --disable-shared 
--with-libgcrypt-prefix=$HOME/unix/libgcrypt --prefix 

My configure output:
The output of make

The library builds fine, and if I edit the Makefile to tell it to ignore 
the doc directory, I can use make install and the library works 
perfectly. I am presently using this patch to adjust the 

Any better suggestions?

I mentioned this problem last year on the help-gnutls list but received 
no response.
I also asked this question on the FileZilla forum where they suggested 
not to build the docs:


--John Ratliff

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