Warnings: pointer size vs. integer size

lfinsto at gwdg.de lfinsto at gwdg.de
Thu Dec 3 16:59:19 CET 2009

I wrote:


> #define PTR_SIZE_INT
> #undef  PTR_SIZE_LONG


> #endif
> /* End of added code.  LDF 2009.12.03.  */
> I would have liked `configure' to write this to `config.h', but
> I don't know how to get it to do it and I don't have time at the
> moment to search through the manual to try to find out.

Apparently, one isn't supposed to do this.  The proper thing to do is to
put the code into another file and call `AH_BOTTOM([#include <filename>])'
in `configure.ac' (when using `autoheader').


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